Custom Software

Measurable transparency in project controlling is an indispensable necessity for ensuring project success. Our individually programmed software tools are the ideal solution to achieve this.

Complete and permanently available deadline transparency from tool manufacturer to OEM, worldwide. From our daily project work we envisioned the creation of continuously measurable transparency in project realization, with straightforward handling and maximum global availability.

We realized this vision with's approach to supporting our customers is that we also administer the system, i.e. we create all relevant master data such as company data, contact data of those responsible in the project, parts list structures and finally also tool and equipment information and update these as required within the framework of updates. The suppliers involved then report back on the progress of production at regular intervals on the basis of milestone content.

The big advantage to the customer is that he can fully concentrate on his core competencies because we take over the entire data handling. This includes the generation and transfer of regular reports, evaluations and statistics (e.g. shop floor management).


Based on over 10 years of experience with, we have developed a compact version specifically for medium and small businesses that are also integrated into global procurement structures. This compact version,, was developed as a standardized system that allows the customer to create and operate his individual progress indicators in the form of milestones completely independently. An administrator creates the necessary master data, maintains it and integrates the subcontractors. Standardized reports and evaluations are available to ensure maximum effectiveness and transparency in daily project work.


The production of tools and devices, in particular for the automotive industry, places very special demands on suppliers. Delivery dates are determined by the specifications and requirements of the customers and a successful supplier must be able to implement these. Thus, the challenge is to fulfill the given customer wishes with maximum internal effectiveness.

The interaction of deadlines and costs is the main component of any financing plan.

We offer:

  • Development, programming and installation of individual database solutions

  • Implementation of stable processes for the planning, controlling and execution of your project

  • Process transparency & consistency from commissioning to the completion of the inventory

  • Real-time data-based forecasts of the timing and amount of payment flows

  • Seamless & flexible reporting


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